I thought of another movie part I didn’t like: Josh’s delivery of the line “They have to have their victor.” Watch just that line and try to tell me the emotion he is feeling because to me it looks like boredom mixed with I don’t even care and a side of “eh, whatevs, shit happens, right?” 

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    Yes, what was the deal with not having deleted scenes???
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    THIS. :) I totally agree!
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    There’s so much Everlark in the movie that lacks the emotions that should have been there to the point that I worry...
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    I felt that a lot of things were rushed in the movie. I also know that not everyone is going to sit through four hours...
  6. birdlovesafish said: I read it more as resignation in his voice and face, because after all they did the Capitol still tricked them. So i think he was just resigned to dying. Not bored at all